So you're thinking of building a float for the parade? Sign up HERE.

1. What is this all about and who can build?

The July 4th Parade is a wonderful reflection of our community. We wanted to give Palisades residents (especially kids!) a chance to share their pride and imagination. People from outside the neighborhood can help, but the main organizer has to live in Pacific Palisades.

2. Why should I build a float?

The parade organizers are trying to include as many different participants from the Palisades as possible, so individuals can be recognized and feel that they are also part of our community celebrations. With enough floats in the parade, there will be opportunities for private residents to have their creation named "Best Float in Parade".

3. What should we build?

This year's theme will be announced in May. Create something connected to that theme. Other than that, let your imagination take over. Just make sure to follow the rules listed HERE

4. How much does it cost to enter?

Neighborhood and family floats are $25. Applicants must list their Pacific Palisades residence address in the application.

5. How much does building a float cost?

Depends on the float. Some floats can be built for as little as $0 while others can cost $5,000. Unfortunately, PAPA can't subsidize any of the costs. In the past, kids have used existing decorations or taken up a collection from their neighbors to subsidize float costs.

6. Where can I get ideas for Floats?

Anywhere you can find them! Google, Instagram, Pinterest, childhood memories; your neighbors or friends.

7. Where can I get supplies and decorations?

There are many places in town and online that sell every decoration imaginable. We can't endorse any but suggest you look online for "Parade Decorations."

8. But how do I build it?

Click Here for some general guides or reach out to carpenters, parade decoration stores, etc.

9. Are there limitations on what I can build?

Floats must be safe and unoffensive to others. Please follow the additional guidelines HERE

10. What if I don't have tools or have questions?

Reach out to your community or other individuals or groups building floats. Currently, the Alphabet area is planning their float and working out details. There may be opportunities for groups to band together and find discounted rentals or materials.

11. I don't want to build a float but I want to participate. What can I do?

There are plenty of ways to help. Contribute to your neighbors' float , volunteer to carry banners in the Parade or to help in other ways on the 4th. You can also make a donation to PAPA, which puts on and pays for all the festivities on July 4th. Please email with any questions or to volunteer.

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July 4th Parade

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